Our Communities have various events on as well but we won't list their activities here - these are just our whole church activities.
Frontline is a church that gathers together at various times and in various locations. Join us for our main Sunday service in Wavertree, Liverpool, 10.30am through to around 12pm.

We gather together to celebrate and experience God’s transforming power in our lives. We do this through an inspirational time of worship, followed by a relevant Bible-based message.  There is also an opportunity to receive prayer at the end of the service. Everyone is welcome and we would love for you to join us!

Except for on our Scattered Sundays, we have a number of different groups for children age 14 and under as well as a parents room and chill out space for children who need a quieter environment.

Scattered Sundays are on the second Sunday of each month where we gather as a church in our communities. There is still a shorter Sunday service at 10:30am in the Wavertree building as well as our synagogue spaces also meeting in different locations across the area.
On the second Sunday of each month, we scatter as a church in our communities. This habit is close to our hearts as Frontline family as we seek to be God’s people wherever we are, not just in the building on a Sunday morning.
Scattered Sundays for the autumn term: 11th Sept, 9th Oct, 13th Nov, 11th Dec.
If you are not part of a Missional Community but would be interested in knowing more and joining one then please contact us.
There will still be a shorter service in the Wavertree building at 10:30am but we anticipate that many Frontliners will be scattering in some form. Please note, that the service at Wavertree won’t have Frontline Kids or Youth groups and children will stay in the service.

Other Events