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You’ve turned my mourning into dancing – Beth Dobson

Categories: Authentic Devotion,Church,Principles


As a dancer I feel most like I express myself when I move. Dancing for me is a space where I can move through sadness, joy, peace, and worry. It is a place where I can celebrate the good times and process the hard times.

I have always found it hard to stand still during times of worship on a Sunday, mainly because when the music starts, I want to move. But also because I want to worship God with everything I have and to me that includes not just the breath in my lungs but also the breath that moves through my body.

A few years ago whilst going through a tough time I booked a studio, put on some worship music and spent an hour, moving, drawing, writing and worshipping God for his goodness. Since then, most mornings before I leave for work, when I’m stressed or feeling low, if I have five minutes to myself, I will put on a worship song and as I like to call it have a ‘praise party’.

How do you live creatively? Though I mainly use dance, there are so many possibilities of how we can express our creativity.

We are meeting next Friday to discuss potential ideas of how we could see wider expressions of creativity across our church and we would love to welcome anyone who has a passion for this area.

The event is free but it would be helpful for you for sign up so that we know numbers.  We are meeting at Frontline, Friday 19th October, 7:30pm.

If you want to know any more or would be interested in getting involved but can’t make it, please email Beth Dobson.