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Things Hidden – Kerry Connolly

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Who am I

I am reading this book at the moment. As you can tell from the pencil sticking out of the pages (look carefully!), it’s one of those books that needs a lot of underlining. Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest who has written a large number of books. It’s my first time reading one of them.

His background and traditions are so very different from mine. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear his take on life. We can become so entrenched in ‘our’ way of doing things, or thinking about things that we miss out on aspects of God that other cultures, ‘world views’ and traditions have to teach us. That’s part of the value of mission trips too; having a chance to see Jesus and His world through someone else’s eyes.

I am underlining so much in this book that I want to go back to, read again, think through, pray about. Let’s hope I do; I believe some of it could be transformational. Yet normally, I don’t go back, I move on!! On to another book, another set of ideas, another topic, before the ones I’ve just left behind have had the opportunity to do their work in me. I’m so impatient, but as any gardener will tell you, growth takes time.

Now, I’m not saying that all of Richard Rhor’s words are the ‘Word of God’. But I am saying that, very often, when you read things which help you understand God, His word and His ways better than you did before, it is as though God is scattering seed in your heart. When he does that, he wants the seed take root and produce a crop (see the Parable of the sower, Matthew 13:1-18, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:4-15)

I know God is speaking to me through this book, that there are lessons in here which the soil of my heart is ready for. My challenge is to reach out to the Holy Spirit for the patience to allow those seeds to take root and begin to produce a harvest. My challenge is to trust God enough to stick with what’s in front of me, instead of rushing on to the next thing.

These things are counter culture aren’t they? Life is so fast paced, and ‘the next thing’ isn’t even on the horizon, it’s right under our noses! But patience is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). God is endlessly patient (too many scriptures for that one to list here!).

I wonder if you, like me, have things you believe God wants you to learn, seeds that you have felt him scatter in your heart recently? I wonder if you, like me, struggle with the patience to stick with these lessons until they produce a harvest?

I can’t do any of this without God, and that’s just the way he wants it! (See John 15) Join me in praying for his grace and patience to allow the seed of his words to land, germinate and grow in our hearts.