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The Left Hand of God – John Gibson

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As I drove down the outside lane of the motorway, overtaking some slower moving vehicles, I saw a puddle of rain water across the road ahead. It was a bright, dry day and so I began wondering where the water had come from? Suddenly the innocent puddle across my path emerged into what it really was – a sheet of corrugated tin metal! Far from a small puddle, this was now a serious hazard to be avoided. Swerving to the middle lane would have avoided the corrugated metal but probably would have caused me to crash into the car I had just passed! Within seconds I had driven over the corner of it – helpless to do more than hold the steering wheel tight and pray. As soon as I could I pulled on to the hard shoulder and joined many other cars that had obviously had a similar experience. I jumped out and checked the car – all seemed to be OK – no puncture – no damage. Many had not been so fortunate and were now awaiting tow trucks and mobile mechanics.

As we drove on with our journey we were so grateful for the protection God had shown. What could have been somewhere between an inconvenience and a serious accident, had in fact caused no delay and no damage. On this occasion the protection and care of God had been so obvious – but it really made me ponder how often God shows the same protection but I’m completely oblivious to it?

We often think of God’s strong right hand – Psalms 118:16 “The Lord’s right had has done mighty things” or¬†Psalms 89:13 “Your right hand is lifted high in glorious strength”. God who works mighty wonders – who slays His enemies, who is mighty to save.

Song of Solomon 8:3 says “His left arm is under my head“. I can’t see it – but it is supporting me. I may not even know I need his care and protection but my Heavenly Father is working on my behalf. Psalms 121:3 says ‘He won’t let you stumble, your Guardian God won’t fall asleep.’ (MSG) On the occasions that He didn’t let us stumble – chances are we didn’t even know we were at risk of stumbling – He’s our ‘Guardian God’!

With this thought I find myself thanking God for all the myriad of occasions that He has taken care of me without me even knowing I needed taking care of!! The accident I avoided being involved in, the illness I didn’t pick up, the financial opportunity that I heard about a day after the deadline and which then turned out to be a disaster.

I love the ‘right hand of God’, doing mighty exploits but I’m also so thankful for the ‘left hand of God’ taking care of me in secret