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Prophetic Word from Sunday 20th May

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On Pentecost Sunday there was a powerful sense of God’s Spirit moving among us. In this guest blog post, Mike Farrington shares a word that he felt God lay on his heart during that meeting. As you read the blog, our prayer is that your heart’s cry might be, ‘Yes! Now is the time’

“In 1993, when Frontline was about a year old, I read the classic book on revival by Arthur Wallis, entitled ‘In the Day of Thy Power’. I got really stirred about revival, and God coming in power, and I used to read passages from the book in meetings to stir people as to what God could do, and had done, in revival. My favourite passage was a story about the 1859 Revival in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Basically the Holy Spirit fell with awesome presence and conviction in a school in Coleraine, to the point that ‘neighbours and passers-by came flocking in, and all, as they crossed the threshold, came under the same convicting power. Every room was filled with men, women and children seeking God.’

Today in the meeting I heard Mark Marx say that he was based in Coleraine. It reminded me about how I used to share about the revival in Coleraine in the early days of Frontline. When Mary and I moved up to join Frontline from Cambridge in 1992 it was because of an awesome power encounter with God which I had on our first visit to the church. In those early days I fully believed that God was going to turn this city upside down through this tiny church – that the Holy Spirit was going to move in mighty revival power in the streets, and that everyone was going to hear about Frontline and that you met with God there. There was a fire and a passion in the early Frontline pioneers, for revival and the raw power of the Holy Spirit. However, over the years we have not seen those dreams fulfilled. Yes, God has greatly blessed us, and yes, we have grown greatly in numbers, but we have yet to see the outpouring of God’s Spirit that we longed and believed for in those early days. Today Mark shared a story about how God, after one apparently really successful day of healing outreach in Stockholm, had said clearly to Mark, ‘You are so easily satisfied with so little’. I felt that was a prophetic word to us as a church – that over the years, unwittingly, we have settled for the safe and the ‘normal’, and we have abandoned our expectations of God moving in earth-shattering power. But today as Mark, from Coleraine, shared his testimonies of God working through him in awesome power, it reminded me of those early days when I used to share about the 1859 revival in Coleraine, and it felt like God was calling forth those hopes and dreams of the early days of Frontline, and saying, ‘YES! NOW IS THE TIME! Now is the time to take hold of that inheritance that I have for you, now is the time to lay hold of all that you have hoped and dreamed for!’

I believe that today is a turning point for Frontline. I believe that God is awakening that calling that is on Frontline, and that now is the time to seize and receive that inheritance.”

Mike Farrington – 20.05.2018