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I’m surrounded by you – John Gibson

Categories: Authentic Devotion,Church,Principles

One of my highlights recently was being directed to this link of Darlene Zschech leading worship at Bethel Church.

If you know Darlene’s story then you know she is a woman who has overcome some serious setbacks during her life. Rather than being destroyed, she has learnt the path to resilience – recognising that… ‘It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You!’

If you’re in a battle – take heart – the name of Jesus is your battle cry. You are surrounded by the goodness and favour of the one who never takes His eye off you – ‘Indeed! He who watches over (you) never slumbers or sleeps!’ (Psalm 121:4).

Draw aside, turn up the volume and let the God of heaven encourage you – He’s got you surrounded!!

And there’s also a brief but beautiful detour into Darlene’s song ‘Shout to the Lord’!