Give Time

Why serve?

Frontline Church is an extended family. And like most families, we need everyone to pitch in where they can!

Why? Because serving makes a difference to people’s lives! We couldn’t do most of what we do if we didn’t have so many wonderful people giving their time to serve.


We believe that every person can contribute to the life of the church through serving in some capacity, but this will look different for different people, depending on your skills, desires, availability, stage of life and personal capacity.

We want you to find YOUR fit at Frontline. That’s why we have a dedicated Volunteer Co-ordinator to help you find the right place for YOU.

What could you do to help?

The opportunities are nearly endless! Here are just SOME of the areas you could serve in…

Serve a Sunday Service:

  • Welcoming Team
  • Hospitality (serving tea & coffee)
  • Media Team (sound or visuals)
  • Worship Team
  • Kids Zone (children’s church)

Serve a Ministry or Project:

  • Foodbank
  • Youth Ministry
  • Healing Rooms
  • Streetwise

Serve your missional community

Of course, another great way to help out in church is to serve your Missional Community in some way! Talk to your Community leader about how you can contribute your gifts and passions.