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Frontline Young Adults: What’s it all About?

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We have found Frontline to be a large, vibrant church made up of incredible people, a family wrapped in love and the grace of God. Due to it’s size, it can also be easy to slip into the background. It is with these thoughts in mind that we are launching Young Adults focussed spaces.

Our vision for Frontline Young Adults is that by gathering together, we will connect, build on friendships we already have, form new ones and stand together as we navigate living for Jesus in our generation.

When we sat down with Jack Mariner to discuss this, we talked about the different sizes and types of gatherings that crop up in social research and more importantly, the Bible; the 1 (relationship with God), the 3 (accountability/trusted inner circle), the 12 (community groups), the 72 (cross community connections) and the large gathering (Sunday service). This is about bringing together the 72 (numbers will vary!), a place alongside Missional Communities, where everyone belongs.

We will be starting with monthly socials on the fourth weekend of the month (day and time will change – please check Instagram and/or these news updates for info). These will be a chance to get to know other people, relax at the end of the month and hang out with no agenda. As much as we love socials, we have also begun planning ahead to create spaces in which we can learn, worship and be in God’s presence together.

Our first social will be on Friday 27th July at 7:30pm at Love & Rockets (Lark Lane). If you count yourself a Young Adult, we’d love to see you there.

For more information follow @FrontlineYA on Instagram or email Danny Wong (