Our Senior Leadership Team

Frontline’s Senior Leadership Team is led by John Harding and made up of three smaller sub-groups – the Board of Trustees, the Vision Team and the Catalyst Team. The Senior Leadership Team comprises of around 15 people who meet termly together to pray, hear God and share vision.


Board of Trustees (Senior Leadership Team)

The Board of Trustees hold and manage the vision, setting operational boundaries for the church and creating accountability. It is a group of diverse, mainly non-remunerated people who are skilled in areas of government and finance.

  • Chris Holcombe (chair)
  • John Harding
  • Helenor Watson
  • Chris Gillies
  • Jenny Mariner
  • Joe Evans

The Vision Team

The Vision team sets the sense of direction and tone of the church. It is made up of a diverse group of spiritual leaders. It creates a culture where the church is built on the ‘foundation of the prophets and the apostles’ (Ephesians 2:20). This team meets monthly to pray for the church and to hear God together. It comprises:

  • the members of the Catalyst Team (see below)
  • Anna Evans
  • Alistair Marshall
  • Elli Johnson
  • Jenny Mariner

The Catalyst Team

The Catalyst team is a group within the Vision Team who unpacks the Vision, Values and Priorities set by the Vision team. This team is made up of staff members who lead on areas of the church, such as Missional Communities, Sunday services, Outreach Projects and Evangelism. The Catalyst Team meets weekly and functions as John Harding’s core team.

  • John Harding
  • John Gibson
  • Jack Mariner
  • Kerry Connolly
  • Dan Rogers
  • James Sloan

For more information, or to request a copy of our Annual Report and Accounts, please contact us at info@frontline.org.uk or 0151 733 3373 or PO Box 38, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 0FH.

Frontline Trust is a UK registered charity: No. 1109814

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