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Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before Easter. Lent traditionally involves giving up certain food or other luxuries so this year it’s a little awkward that Valentine’s Day marks the start of these 40 days – you might need to be more imaginative than chocolates when buying a gift for your loved one!

It might be that in giving up something for Lent you create more time or space for other things, maybe instead of giving up chocolate or social media you could focus on something new or perhaps something a little out of your comfort zone in the run up to Easter. Either way we’ve put together 40 suggestions for ways to show love to those around you and to start sharing your faith with friends and neighbours.

Whether you want to fully embrace the challenge and go for the whole 40 days or just start with a few of them, whether you stick to the 40 suggestions we’ve thought of or come up with some others that work for you we’d love to hear about them. Post your stories on the Frontline facebook page or email

Download the 40 Days of Transformation sheet ready for the 14th!